Friday, 2 March 2012

Griuta 3 year old female, loyal obedient and so much needs her own safe forever home

Griuta is a smart girl who insisted to be noticed and give her a hug. Each day she was waiting for me near my house, followed me to the dogs I took care in the neighbourhood, waiting for me in front of the fence whatever it takes to feed and play with them. Then my loyal friend, followed me home.

Being so determined to be in my care, one day I invited her in the yard where I have 4 dogs and since then we are together. Griuta is about 3 years old, very playful but obedient and she is getting along with other dogs. She is so loyal and full of love!!!!

Female, around 53 cm height, 3 years old
vaccinated, dewormed, neutered

Griuta evaluation:
- obedient, playful and a quick learner
- she is very loving
- without major behaviour problems
- she is very scared about the fireworks, the adopter has to be very carefull with noises, she can run away in a second if she hears strong noises.
- she is barking in her own yard, she is protective with the familly and suspicious with the strangers, so she needs an owner with authority
- we are working regarding walking on a leash, she doesn't like to have a collar
- she also needs a diet and very long walks because she is fatter than a normal dog
- she is getting well with other dogs, being very playful and ready to run all the time, she preferes males
- she is running after the cats, so our advice is to be tested first in case the familly has a cat inside

If you could open your heart to this wonderful furry princess please contact  Claudia Dumitru

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