Thursday, 16 February 2012

The two snow doggy families, now safe but need forever homes.

Do you remember the photos of these poor souls freezing  in -20 temperatures? : 2 mums and their 9 puppies living in the snow, in the middle of an empty field...

No chance of survivng, no food, no shelter, too much snow and cold, but it happened a miracle when a nice lady found them and offer them a second chance.

Now the 9 puppies and their mums are safe, they have shelters and a secure place to live till adoption.
Gia and Action Aid for Animals have promised to help them have a future all animals deserve.

Please help us to keep our promise. Adopt and save their lives!

Here are the entire familes, please dont let this miracle be in vain, please offer them a home. 

 The entire familly:

Skinny: one of the mums, very scared of humans, but sensitive, with a lot of love to give when she gets to know you, so she needs time for adjustement

Stella:  the second mum, full of joy and obedience, very friendly and smart


Aldo -full of joy

Dino - loyal, eager to stay with people

Leo - playfull

Spot - good and obedient

ADOPTED Kuki - the smallest and also obedient -


Nana - good and obedient

Tara - playfull RESERVED by emmi

Mia - shy and gentle

Dia - smart like her mother stella

If you can offer any of these snow angels a forever home, please contact Action Aid for Animals or  Claudia Dumitru as soon as possible

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