Thursday, 22 September 2011



Finch: Male puppy, 4.5 months old; 10 kilos on September 19th 2011; black, grey, brown and white

Meet the world's smartest puppy!!! Really.

He is a stray-born male pup of about 5 months of age. He is beyond smart- he can get himself out of enclosures, literally climbing them as you see brilliant canine escape artists. Furthermore, he even climbs ladders and gets high up! He also tickles a lot, he's really funny when you pet his belly.

 Finch with his mom Ellie. His mom is small, so you can tell he won't grow too big either

 Finch with his brother Atticus (together, named after Atticus Finch, one of my favourite movie characters ever)
Finch loves the musketeers and comes to eat and play with them. He also has a funny, curly tail as you can see.

Update on September 22nd 2011:

 Finch with the musketeers and brother Atticus

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