Thursday, 22 September 2011



Albush- Male, 3 years old, neutered, 20 kilos on September 19th 2011; all white

Albush (meaning 'egg white' in Romanian) is a very friendly, calm dog from my neighborhood. Very, very affectionate. I have had him neutered last summer by Vier Pftoen. 

Last summer, Albush was hit by a car and sustained a broken front leg. This is him last year. PS: He is cat friendly, living, eating and sleeping next to cats in his neighborhood. 

Albush is super affectionate and wants to be loved and petted. He has the habit of pawing at me, when I am surrounded by strays and I am trying to pet everyone. PS: This is him last year- you can see his right front leg being broken in this pic. It healed in the meantime, phew.

 Albush now, summer/autumn 2011:

 Super affectionate as always

Update on September 22nd, 2011:

 Playing with me and other dogs

 Playing with other dogs- he loves that

 Very low key and affectionate

 Giving me his paw- he always does that

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