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Rob- Boy, 3 months old puppy, 3.5 Kilos on September 19th 2011; white, grey and brown, with brown "eyeglasses"

Nikita- Girl, 3 months old puppy, 3.5 Kilos on September 19th 2011; grey with white belly and paws

Tigger- Girl, 3 months old puppy, 3.5 Kilos on September 19th 2011; brown with black lines, white paws

The 3 musketeers were born from stray parents in an abandoned yard. My family and friends would feed them daily. But we wanted to do more for the little ones.

Their mom is fairly afraid of humans, she will eat from your hand, but would be too afraid to allow closer contact like petting. So these pups would behave like they saw their mom behaving: staying at a safe distance from people. They would spend all day long with the pack, or hidden under a car next to the abandoned yard.


WE REALLY WANTED TO DO MORE FOR THEM. We built an enclosure for them in the abandoned yard, with a small improvised shelter, toys, food and water. We go spend time with them a few times a day in order to socialize them with humans at this important stage in their lives. We're hoping to help them become fully comfortable with humans, and to love human company. So we take it slowly, and advance in small, but firm steps. 

 Rob with toys

Rob still not so sure of me during the fist couple of days in the enclosure

But puppy play is always fun!

Nikita on left, Tigger on right drinking water

Rob, Nikita and Tigger

So far, so good. They've been in the enclosure for only 2 days, and they've already made substantial progress. They wag their tails when seeing us, allow us to pet them, will lick out hands, sometimes even eat from our hands. We're hoping to help them become highly sociable puppies fully comfortable around humans, and we try to expose them to many brief positive experiences with people. By working hard to socialize them, we hope to make them highly adoptable. We don't want them to end up in the streets like their parents, and be exposed to bad experiences with people that would make them fearful again.

They are about 8 weeks old or a bit older. They have a good appetite. We just gave them medication against internal parasites today.

Rob is a boy, while Nikita and Tigger are female puppies. 

 Rob, during the socialization class!

UPDATE: Luckily, this socialization program we started with these little darlings was at the right time for them to socialize fast and well. A week after being placed in the enclosure, they love humans! They love to eat from your hand and be petted, Rob likes to be ticked on his belly, while Tigger loves to chew on your clothes and fingers!

Also, their mom is nearby right next to the enclosure, being fed as well, and sometimes even jumping in the enclosure (which is low enough to allow adult dogs to jump in, but high enough to prevent the little musketeers from wandering about). So they also enjoy good quality time with their mamma.

Update September 12th, 2011: This is their 11th day in the enclosure and they are socializing very well with people now. We continue to hand feed them, and they have learned to take the food gently from our hands. Also, good news about their mom, she is less fearful of people now that she sees we only do good to her babies, feeding and playing with them. She has become more comfortable around us, and will even lie down next to us in the enclosure as we feed her and the pups.

 Jumping with excitement as we get there with food!

 I hand feed them as part of the socialization process, but also in order to ensure each and every single one eats enough

  Finch, an older pup from a different litter, always happy to jump in the enclosure to get food and play with the little ones

 Mom (on right) has jumped in too to get some food and be with her pups
 Happy, curly, wagging tails!

 Talking to Tigger with whom I have a special relationship. She left her teeth marks in quite a few of my Tshirts during play :)

 Mom, lying down, and close to me. She's definitely gaining confidence around me.

 They love my food bucket!

Big, healthy appetites till the end of the meal

Update on September 22nd, 2011:

 Nikita and Tigger







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